Work Progress Automation

Work Progress Automation


Description Of Application


·        Tracking work orders or actual production status & the production process.

·        Tracking labour time spent on the manufacturing processes.


Business Problems

Resources inefficiently used due to lack of real-time access to information. Time cards rely on recall, filling out forms and keyboard data entry.
Data for labour tracking is not captured as it occurs, which leads to inaccurate labour standards and poor job costing.


Benefits Of Automated Data Collection

·        Shop floor activity is linked with planning systems for real-time update of production status and automatic routing through production process.

·        Production bottlenecks are avoided.

·        Actual time spent on jobs is captured.

·        Need for manual filling out of forms and key entry is no longer necessary.

·        Thus no longer having waiting period to get the actual production status.


How Data Collection Equiplents Are Used

·        Time and attendance is collected at the front door by simply scanning the barcode ID card

·        The reader then adds a time stamp and formats the transaction to the host computer.

·        Labour transactions are similarly entered on the shop floor, although multiple fields are usually required by scanning travelers printed from the host on a barcode printer.



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