Industrial solution

Industrial solution

Shop Floor Sequencing


·       Reduce inventory carrying costs and reduce IT system development and maintenance costs with PROFIT-SFS (shop-floor-sequencing) software from Protocol.

·        Ideally, an assembly line should require no in-house inventory – if parts and sub-assemblies could arrive at the assembly line from suppliers not only in the correct quantities, but in the correct order.

·        Profit-SFS software handles multiple assembly lines and coordinates each assembly line sequence with multiple suppliers. Parts and sub-assemblies arrive just in time and in the correct order.

·        Profit-SFS overcomes the high cost and line-specific nature of similar software with a highly configurable, browser-delivered package. It’s a complete system to manage product throughout the supply chain.

·        The software can be used by a supplier providing components to a manufacturing OEM or by a manufacturer to align part deliveries with preplanned or synchronized to their OEM Production line manufacturing sequences.

·        A unique feature of the product is its messaging capability allowing any production event to trigger one or multiple messages to other ERP systems Like SAP, People Soft, etc.


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